Well, hello there!

What a fun way to finish off a class! A closing ritual is an important part of our acting classes - it can help actors to ground themselves and leave any traumatic characters they been playing behind. This is a particularly silly activity we call the Chorus Line Showstopper! Enjoy!

Renee DeRobertis, Tricia Migdoll and Loise White improvising a scene during Term 2.

New term starting soon! 

Great news! Hobo Playhouse will be running an eight-week course for experienced actors wanting to learn Method Acting.

The introductory course will be held at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre (MNC) on Saturdays from August 3-September 21 from 1pm-4pm.

There are 10 spots available. Expressions of interest and enrolments are being managed by MNC.


The Method Acting technique includes sensory, relaxation and emotional recall exercises plus improvisations and scene work for pairs. Some acting experience is preferred.

For enrolment details email MNC coordinator, John, at  coordinator@maldonnc.org.au or phone 5475 2093.

The course has been generously funded by Adult Community and Further Education Board (Thank you!) which means the fees will be the same as last year ($80 full/$60 concession per term).


Term 3 is preceded by Acting for Beginners I and II earlier this year. The courses will culminate in a Showcase of scenes and monologues on November 30, 2024. Give Jeff a call on 0457 843 551 or email if you need further info about content of the courses.


What students are saying about the course ...

"What I wanted out of the course was to develop more self confidence and have some adventurous fun. Your calm guidance gave me all that and more. 

Personally I feel braver. You provided a safe place to be silly and spontaneous and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning my monologue. I’m glad that was the one you selected for me. It still gives me goosebumps."

"Your acting course has given me more confidence in my ability to act, in fact, since doing your course, I am no longer pretending whilst on stage but I feel I am actually acting. Further, I feel this confidence has fallen into my daily life."

"The course has helped me grow in confidence and belief in myself. It’s made me happy and helped me make new friends. If there’s another one I’d love to do it! Thank you for being a fun and engaging teacher."

"The Hobo Playhouse method acting courses have had a significant impact on my acting career and also my mental health. The classes allow me to develop my acting ability in a way that best suited my needs ... the classes were also a great outlet that helped me channel emotions for a useful purpose, which was a particular highlight for me."



2023 Acting course - Well, that's a wrap!

Nine brave actors ventured onto our pop up stage at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre on Sunday, August 20, to perform a series of monologues to the public.

The Showcase was the culmination of 16 weeks of acting classes, which attracted actors from across Central Victoria. Some had years of experience, others had dipped their toe in the water a couple of times before and a few had never ventured on stage. No matter how much experience you've got, it can always be daunting for anyone to step in front of the lights, remember lines and share their vulnerability with complete strangers.

The Showcase is usually held for the cast's family's and friends but this was the first time the Hobo's had opened a Showcase to the general public and more than 50 people packed into the old hall to support the actors.

The Showcase contained comedy, drama, poetry, and improvisations and the audience loved it! The huge applause for the actors at the end of the show said it all.

What's next? Several graduates from this course have already been cast in Castlemaine Theatre Company's next production, Under Milkwood, and one has a role in Ballarat National's Wyrd Sisters.  Others are furthing their studies in the arts.

Congratulations to all of the actors - Tricia, Mark, Graham, Fran, Loise, Laura, Juliana, Ron and Renee - on your stellar performances, and thank you for being part of the course. Thanks also to John at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre coordinator John Bainbridge for his assistance and to the State Government for funding the course.

The next Hobo Playhouse Acting course for adults will be held in February, 2024 in Maldon, Victoria. If you are interested, email Jeff at hoboplayhouse@yahoo.com

Acting I and II was one of several MNC courses in 2023 to be funded by the State Government’s Adult Community and Further Education Board, which aims to assist local people learn new skills and broaden their employment options.

Tutor available for private classes 

Jeffrey Bryant Jones is available to take private classes with individuals and small groups  (maximum 8 people) of all abilities who want to learn/enhance their acting skills in 2024.

For enquiries, call Jeffrey on 0457 843 551 or email hoboplayhouse@yahoo.com