Congratulations, Cinderella Cafarella!

Cinderella Cafarella was performed at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre for a small, invited audience on Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Cinderella Cafarella was created by Juliana Cafarella, who was guided by director Jeffrey Bryant Jones. Jane Cafarella contributed to the script development.

Juliana performed the 30-minute show with support from Carolyn Palmer, Ron Richardson, Ross Hinckley and Loise White. Sound was managed by Rob Townsend and the project was filmed for Juliana and Hobo Playhouse archives by Ross Hinckley. 

It followed a six-month process where the original concept for the show emerged during online meetings between Juliana and Jeff. The concept was fleshed out during in-person rehearsals and production meetings at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre hall.

Juliana wanted to attain a sense of achievement by performing the show in front of an audience. After the show, Juliana said she felt she had achieved her goal and much more.

This show had everything! We marvelled as  Juliana acted, improvised, sang, danced, played with a puppet (Ella) and drew the audience into a magic world where fairytales can meet reality.

A huge thank you to everyone involved with this wonderful project.

All smiles: Juliana and Ron after the show! Photos: Rob Townsend.

Cinderella is aghast as Prince Charming (Ron Richardson) tries to fit the slipper on the foot of a wicked stepsister (played by Loise White).

Sisters: Jane presented Juliana with a card and flowers after the performance.

That's enough rehearsal for today!




Images from the show: Hip dude, hydrangeas, the blue butterfly and the stained glass window at Maldon Neighbourhood centre.