Exploring Drama Therapy

The power of theatre and performance

'We know the power of theatre and performance.

To express. To reflect. To transform.

Theatre can be research. Theatre is creation. Theatre is engagement.

Theatre speaks in the language of metaphor but conveys an inner truth.' - British Association of Dramatherapists

The Hobo's Artistic Director Jeffrey Bryant Jones is currently exploring the world of drama therapy having started a Master's Degree at Melbourne University. 

Jeff will be sharing some of the insights he is learning about drama therapy on this page for those who are interested.

July 23, 2022

First semester done and dusted. I learnt so much including how creative arts therapy, in particular drama therapy, is applied on the healthcare continuum. The continuum, which is like a spectrum, stretches from the wellbeing stage to community, then rehabilitation and the medical/acute stage at the other end. Drama therapy is used mostly in rehabilitation and to a lesser degree in the community stage (think local district health centres, neighbourhood houses and aged care homes). In the acute/medical stage, drama therapy can be seen helping children in hospital and adults in palliative care. But it appears there is limited use of drama therapy in the wellbeing stage, where there is also an abundance of ‘arts for health and wellbeing’ initiatives, which includes opportunities to engage in arts activities (such as painting, craft, theatre and music-making). I believe there is room for drama therapy to be explored much further in the wellbeing stage to assist those people who are feeling well, to maintain and enhance their wellbeing. Drama therapy can be used as a preventative tool, as well as a therapeutic/curative device and, as I gain more skills and knowledge, I hope to explore this idea further. 

September 13, 2022

During the warm-up, I often ask actors to 'let the music move them' (physically) as an access point to their imaginary play space before starting improvisational play. I believe it is an important step because it not only triggers the actor's energy, imagination and a sense of play but it can also trigger the actor's memory.

December 28, 2023

I am discovering drama therapy methods can be a beneficial inclusion in acting training. Methods such as play, storytelling and exploring role play can help an actor to bring a character to life. And activities like drama games, deroling and self-regulation strategies can greatly assist an actor on and off-stage. I will be including these in my acting classes next year, which will for participants wanting to explore Community Acting to tap into their creativity and build their self-confidence and self-esteem. I hope to develop a more intensive course to assist Industry Actors later next year.